CardiacEye Foundation (Trust) is an independent, non-governmental, nonprofit organization established to provide free and affordable adult and pediatric heart surgeries for the deserving masses in Pakistan. The Foundation aims to carry out specific missions in education, research and provision of life saving cardiac surgery solutions wherever there may be a need. The Foundation facilitates the teaching of required skills and infrastructure to allow cardiac centers to perform more complex heart operations. We are committed to excellence in patient care, leadership in research, and preeminence in medical education. Our culture thrives on challenges and champions innovation


-   Any adult male / female can get membership of the Trust if he/ she is major, sane and bears good moral
-   He/ She is fully agreed to the objectives and the constitution of the Trust.
-   A member will have to pay membership fee and subscription fee as well, to be fixed by the Trust time to     time.

Disqualification from Membership

  A member shall cease to be the member of the Trust in case of any of following,
-   By death
-   By resignation in writing addressed to chairman
-   By becoming insane
-   For not attending three consecutive meetings
-   If he/ she fails to pay the subscription fee for three consecutive months
-  If he/ she commits evil and immoral activities or works against the interest of Trust.
-   Any Trustee, who becomes of unsound mind or is convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude,
   will vacate the office


 The election of the governing body will be held after three years excluding the post of the Chairman.

Powers and Duties of the Office Bearers (Chairman)

- He will supervise all the matters of the Trust
-  All the meetings will be presided over the by the Chairman
-  He can call or adjourn any meeting according to the situation
- He will be empowered to check account, sign accounts and books and other important papers
-  He can exercise special opinion / power in case of equal votes
-  He will be the Chief Administrator of the Trust
-  He can call or adjourn any meeting according to the situation

Vice Chairman

- He will supervise all the matters of the Trust

General Secretary

-  He/she will be responsible
-  To keep the record of the Trust is safe
-  To record the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Body
-  To prepare and circulate the agenda of the meetings
-  To manage the collection of funds, subscription and goods from public to meet the expenses of the Trust
-  To maintain account books and make arrangement for the annual audit

Finance Secretary

-  He/she will be reposnible for
-  To keep the record of the Trust in safe custody
-  To deposit the amounts in the bank approved by the executive body
-  To draw the amount from the bank through a cheque
- To prepare the balance sheet and budget estimate of the Trust
-  To maintain all financial books of the Trust
- To receive all documents, grants, fee etc ,and to issue receipts to the payees.

Source of Income

-  Memebership Fee/ Admission Fee
-  Grants
-  Gifts
-  Donations from generous persons etc
- Zakat
-  Projects such as rented out WAQF properties in the name of the Trust


The meetings of the Trust will be held as and when the Governing Body members deem fit or as when exigency of the Trust demands but necessarily once (at least) in a year. For this purpose a prior notice of 10 days will be issued to all concerned. The agenda will be sent to all concerned one week before such a meeting.

Postponement of Meeting

The Chairman will be empowered to call for the meetings and in case of any unpleasant situation, the meeting shall be postponed.

Filling the Vacancy

In case of death or resignation the Executive body in its special meeting will fill the vacancy .


The accounts of the Trust shall be audited annually and the auditor shall be appointed by the Chairman.


The quorum will be 2/3 of the total trustee/ members of the Trust.


The amendment in the constitutuion will be made by 3/5th majority of the total trustees/members as and when the governing body members deem fit in the interest of the Trust. This will be in accordance with the provisions of the Section 12 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 .

Bank Account:

The Trust will maintain at least two bank accounts in its name in any scheduled bank, The bank account will be operated and cheques will be signed by the Chairman (essential) along with anu one of the Board Members/ trustees.
Apart from the above, the Chaiman is entitled to draw, amend or alter the bank account policy of the Trust at any time


If the Trust to be dissolved, its assets and liabilities would be transferred to a Trust having identical aims and objects duly approved under Section 13 of the Societies Registration Act 1860.

We believe in a future free of heart disease. Sadly, more Pakistanis die of heart disease than any other cause, and the heartache lasts a lifetime. Using cutting-edge tools to improve the health in people, Prof Dr Maqsood Elahi and his team of experts are working towards - for the first time - look at how patients with heart disease respond to screening, drug treatments and surgeries. It is our vision to ensure that not a single person in Pakistan born with a congenital heart defect or acquired heart disease remains untreated.


As one of the leading heart surgery charity organizations working in Pakistan, our Foundation helps to provide access to quality healthcare for deserving and needful born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and acquired heart disease patients. The Foundation takes medical teams for medical camps to underserved areas to provide multidisciplinary cardiac treatments and care and also work closely with locals. The Foundation uses local facilities for the above purpose and provides advanced surgical skills and the links for collaborative research. The Foundation also supports their treated underserved heart handicap patients for Rashans and School education. Financially supporting the surgical or interventional treatment of deserving and needful heart patients. Organizing medical workshops and conferences to help healthcare professionals improve their abilities. Creating awareness for our cause among the general public as well as policy-makers. Building Pakistan’s first dedicated, state of the art Heart-Lung and research Institute (Hospital), which will act as a model institute for the training of healthcare professionals, education of the public at large and promoting research into the causes & management of heart patients.

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